4*-Hour CCW August 3


Friday, August 3, 2018 1:00 PM

Venue: Arizona Firearms Gilbert

18224 E. Williams Field Road

Gilbert, AZ 85295


This class is for adult men and women. Simply add the class to your cart and pay right online! Snacks and water provided.

Class will include:

* Federal firearm law and reciprocity
* Safe storage and handling of a firearm in the home
* Arizona law relating to the use of non-lethal and lethal force
* Selecting and carrying your defensive pistol
* Brandishing and defensive display of your firearm
* How to create and practice a defensive mindset
…..and more!

*Class length: 4-5 hours
Age restrictions: 21+
Cost: $50
Includes fingerprinting at no extra charge

Does not include $60 permit fee payable via certified funds to AZDPS. Permit is valid for 5 years from issue date.


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