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Women’s Only Shooting League: We are “Arizona Gun Gals


THIS LINK IS FOR SUNDAY, August 5th and 12th @ 8AM. If you’re coming to both, add quantity two to your cart.

Personal Defense, Fitness & Wellness, LLC is proud to offer a women’s only shooting league! This is league in Arizona that includes women of all shooting levels. Plus, a portion of dues go back into the community. We have a wonderful group of ladies in this league!

Additionally, we regularly meet for dinners and outside events. Our league shoots out of Ben Avery in North Phoenix, Arizona. If you have an interest in Arizona Gun Gals or would like to drop in and see what we do, simply email Melodie@pdfaw.net. Thanks in advance for your interest!

Please note: No refunds will be issued for dues. You are responsible for attending all scheduled events. You will not be reimbursed or receive a discount if you miss an outing. All funds are due on the first of the month and are collected on a rolling basis. Dues must be paid before attending shoots. You may terminate your membership at any time.


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