Welcome y’all!

Welcome to Living Wild West, LLC! (formerly Personal Defense, Fitness & Wellness, LLC and Arizona Gun Gals)

Living Wild West is built on four core ideologies: FAITH, FAMILY, FREEDOM, FIREARMS.

The vision of Living Wild West is to incorporate a place full of American blue-collar tradition and values. A place where women can come to support each other as mothers, daughters, wives, aunts, and sisters. Living Wild West is family-friendly, a place where we spend time parenting our children and teaching them about the value of hard work. We embody wellness, protecting family, preserving freedoms, and being more involved community members.

It’ll take many moons to have everything fully integrated into Living Wild West’s website, but for now, you can visit the site at www.livingwildwest.com. You can also visit the new Facebook page here.

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